Digilare (101126503)

‘Social dialogue, information, consultation and participation of workers and their representatives at different levels (including company and sectoral level) play an important role (…), in particular with a view to the ongoing twin transitions and the changes in the world of work.’ (ESP Action Plan). Yet, do the current rules and participation models display the needs of those working in a digitalized world of work? Do they fit the EU’s path to the digital decade?

Digilare’s (101126503) goal is to provide a comparative analysis of how national industrial relations systems at company/undertaking level respond to the challenges linked to the digital workplace and to digitalisation of employment relationships, with a view to eventually reinforcing industrial relations structures in Europe.

The first ‘coordinate’ to be scrutinized is whether I&C rights also apply to non-standard  teleworkers, including crowdworkers. The second ‘coordinate’ deals with the applicable law. Which country’s rules on I&C apply in a cross-border context? In practice, (transnational) companies and workers’ representatives struggle with the applicability of employee representation rules; e.g. on active and passive voting rights. Thirdly, the project looks at the different national approaches to implementing digital representation rights, e.g. the possibility of digital meetings, assuming that the more low-key possibilities of participation exist, the more underrepresented groups, such as women, care-takers or disabled persons would engage in workplace representation. Lastly, participation rights at workplace level as regards transition to a climate neutral economy and protecting human dignity when implementing digital surveillance tools or AI systems will be assessed.

By mapping the applicable rules in the Member States and by identifying best practices, together with social partners, awareness within the relevant stakeholders is increased and guidance on how to interpret existing rules is given.


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🤝The first steering committee of DIGILARE took place on 1-2 February in @uc3m.

We discussed our research on the scope of application of information and consultation rights of workers' representatives and prepared our first transnational Seminar to be held in Vienna in June.


Si queréis revisitar nuestro interesantísimo seminario CONTRATTAZIONE COLLETTIVA, LAVORO AUTONOMO E GIG ECONOMY con Antonio García-Muñoz Alhambra, @pieraloi, @LucaRatti15, Massimo Pallini y Tiziano Treu, tenéis aquí el enlace: https://unito.webex.com/webappng/sites/unito/recording/40970becc1aa103bb8b786793e577aa7/playback

Fantástica sesión de presentación de nuestro libro editado por @Dalloz en @UParisNanterre , con @LaulomSylvaine y Judith Brockmann, y las excelentes intervenciones como discussants de @mj_vnl y @VPietrogiovanni

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